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Your Haters Are Your Motivation with Elena Cardone

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Behind every great man is a great woman, and the Cardones are the greatest husband and wife team you can find.

Elena Cardone may be married to Grant Cardone, but don’t for a minute think that she’s riding on his coattails. Elena is a powerhouse and runs the incredible 10X Ladies, she’s also the author of Build an Empire, a coach, a speaker, and a podcast host.

She doesn’t just talk empires – she lives them.

I was blessed to be joined by Elena for this episode of What Are You Made Of? and we covered everything from the secrets behind Elena’s successful business and marriage to what she and Grant are doing to survive the coronavirus pandemic.

In this episode, find out about:

  • What Elena does in hard times and how she sees them as an opportunity to prove what she’s made of
  • Why your haters and enemies are the best motivation you can get
  • Why your ultimate ambition should be to cause no real harm, but why you shouldn’t forget your enemies
  • How 2008 helped Elena and Grant prepare for the coronavirus pandemic
  • Elena’s advice for keeping your family and business running in hard times

I can’t imagine many people need to be shown how to connect with Elena, but just in case you’re behind the times, start with her website. Get her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter too. You can’t get too much of Elena – so if you want to really get to know the inner-workings of Elena and her empire, you want to check out her podcast.

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