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Write Your Own Life Stories With Jared Bringhurst

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Get to know Jared Bringhurst, a senior marketing director with a team of over 200. He is on a mission to coach entrepreneurs and cure financial literacy through education. He is a self-confessed born and bred entrepreneur, starting as a kid selling cookies. Unfortunately, he had very low grades in school, so his teachers said he would never amount to anything. He proved them all wrong by setting up his companies. Notably, the sudden death of this father on the day of his birthday made him realize how things can drastically change. However, he learned that he could change his perspective and write his own story. Instead of just celebrating his birthday, he also now celebrates the man who gave him life.

  • What transpired in his life and career that led him to where he is today.
  • How everyone can write their own stories, impacting both your past and future.
  • Why mentors can make a difference and help you from getting off track.
  • What the hard times in his life, whether in business or personal life, taught him.
  • How it is important to find your way back up from rock bottom.
  • What are the ways to make the best out of a bad situation.

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