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Why You Need to Evolve Your Business with Victor Peña

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses to make money, but some want to do so much more than that. Some want to help others and give people what they need to transform their lives in a positive way. One of these incredible people is Victor Peña, the President and CEO at OmniPrint International Inc.

Victor is experienced in global business and is a leader of innovation. His entire company focuses on 10x growth and although he has reached incredible success, it took a lot of hard work to get there. Victor realized that he had to get better at communicating with people and increase brand awareness because, as many of us know, “best known beats best.”

On this episode of the What Are You Made Of? podcast, Victor shares some of the obstacles he faced throughout his life, how he overcame them and how he built and evolved his business.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Victor went from the engineering trade to launching his own business
  • Why it’s important to be known because the ‘best known beats best’
  • What life was like for Victor as a kid, who spoke Spanish in an English-speaking school
  • Why you should work on increasing your problem-solving skills
  • Who OmniPrint’s target customers are and how they help their customers get the most value
  • Why you shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid to change when necessary
  • How Victor scaled his business
  • Why you should keep a leader board and build a competitive team
  • Victor reveals the toughest challenges he has faced recently, including during the COVID-19 pandemic

Find out more about Victor’s business, OmniPrint on his website and connect with him on LinkedIn.

You can also follow OmniPrint on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also follow Victor’s personal Instagram account @victor_h_pena

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