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First, let’s talk about why people don’t use this powerful technique.

1. They don’t know about it and its effects.

2. It takes time and effort and people don’t want to sacrifice those things when they don’t know the benefits.

3. It takes commitment, discipline, and patience.  Most people struggle in these areas.

Lastly, here are the benefits of visualization.

1.  It prepares you.  Success follows preparation.  By doing this you are now operating in proactive mode rather than reactive mode which gives YOU the control.

2.  By visualizing an event ahead of time, you are training your brain on what could happen and how you will react when it does happen.

3.  It lowers anxiety and stress and helps keep emotion out of it which could cause unnecessary conflict.

4. Most of the time you already have a very good idea of how things will go in your brain.  Visualization helps bring it to fruition and you end up creating most of your reality.

One final, very important, tip:

It is imperative that you visualize the event positively, the way you want it to go.  Where your mind goes, so does your life!  We create our own realities.   So visualize how you would want it be in a perfect world and make it happen.

What are you made of?

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic or any others that I talk about. Your comments or messages are always welcome!

Your Boy,
C-Roc 👊🏽😎