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The Value of Making an Impact with Trevor Houston

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Trevor Houston comes from a broken family. Sadly, shortly after the divorce, his mother figured into a car accident that leaves her disabled. As a result, he grew up in poverty in Allen, Texas, which ironically is a middle-class town comprised of families who lived good lives. They were so poor; he had to steal water so he could flush the toilet. His mother took in room renters, so he was always surrounded by different people from various cultures. The experience taught him the value of communicating and adapting to his environment. Because he lacked strong parental figures, he was in and out of a juvenile detention facility. His father then took him in, which transformed Trevor’s life. His dad taught him how to work hard, save, and believe in God. As an adult, he dominated the auto industry and received tons of accolades selling cars. After six years of always being on top, he wanted to get into management, but they never promoted him. Because he was disillusioned, he shifted to financial services. Sadly, his first year left him miserable as he was not able to sell anything. Finally, he realized that he should be serving people instead of just selling. When this hit him, he was able to regain his momentum. Now, instead of being concerned about sales and trophies, he cares more about making an impact and helping people.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Trevor Houston’s upbringing shaped the way he communicated with people and viewed the world.
  • Why he no longer aspires to win and achieve trophies but prefers to make an impact and change the lives of people that he meets along the way.
  • How proper communication can solve problems because you can express your real thoughts and feelings in the best way possible.
  • Why believing in a higher calling and believing without seeing allows you to push all-in and give your best effort in what you do.
  • Why you need to dig out the unspoken objection and learn to handle the attention so you can push hard where it counts.
  • How the more you serve people, the more you become elevated because of the law of reciprocity.
  • Why it helps to work with the attitude of service instead of just going for that sale or trophy because when you serve, you build relationships and gain trust.
  • How identifying your strengths and relying on other people can help you expand and grow your vision.
  • What kind of role model can you be to your team that allows you to empower them so you can help your company collectively grow.
  • Why you need to be conscious of what you see, say, and do because this eventually becomes your legacy.
  • How you can motivate your team so they can perform well even when you are not around to supervise what they’re doing.

Connect with Trevor Houston through the channels below to get to know him and his mission more:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/tmhoustonnyl?lang=en

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