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JD Frost now knows what it takes to start an accounting firm from the ground up and earn double the amount of what he expected. He anticipated only going up from there, but he quickly learned that he was about to lose his entire company. JD discovered that his leadership role in his company had lost visibility, and internal communication issues had already begun to disrupt business between him and his clients. Drowning in debt and with over 470 clients walking out unexpectedly, he had a choice to give up entirely or start from scratch. Luckily, he found a solution that had tripled his company’s size, found him a new business partner, and boosted his firm to success.

In this episode, we talk about:

• His struggle with addiction

• Identifying key moments in one’s past to understand one’s future

• The story of how his business rose to the top and failed just as quickly

• The significant solution to his business’ plummet

• The value of accountability in business planning

Find out more about JD’s accounting firm on his website and connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also follow JD’s personal Instagram account.

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