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Starting from Zero with Kim Barrett

Starting from Zero with Kim Barrett

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Kim Barrett knows what it’s like to build something from the ground up.

He quit his cosy city job, with all its benefits and safety nets, to start his own business. It took him a year of working out of busted up tiny rooms and coffee shops, being literally days away from closing down, to start making a living.

Now he’s made a life.

He’ll never give you an excuse, he’s not afraid of sharing his journey, and he’s not afraid of telling it straight. Kim and I are made of the same stuff.

He came on the What Are You Made Of? podcast to share the story of how he went from selling Pokémon games as a kid to 6, 7, and 8 figure business deals as the founder and CEO of Your Social Voice.

Learn the secrets behind Kim’s success, how he’s staying ahead of change, and how he’s hacking simple ideas like focus and breathing to achieve his goals.

Find out about:

  • How Kim went from selling Pokémon games and ad space on forums to running a multi-million-dollar social empire
  • Why simplicity always wins, and why we need to stop over-complicating processes
  • The power of simply asking for things
  • Overcoming adversity and re-framing difficult situations
  • Harnessing the power of focus and positive ideation

Contact Kim on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and check out the Your Social Voice website. Kim has an awesome podcast called The Kim Barrett Show – once you’ve finished this episode, you’re going to want to listen to more from Kim! Find it on Spotify and iTunes.

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