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Setbacks Are The Perfect Fuel To Move Forward with Dr. Brook Sheehan

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In today’s show, Dr. Brook Sheehan, the founder of Cup of Sugar Inc and Associate Chiropractor at Cascadia Behavioral shares how she transformed a childhood diagnosis of cerebral palsy and used it to establish a successful career in healthcare. As a child, she felt low self-esteem because of her condition. It also didn’t help classmates were laughing at her because she was different. It decimated her self-confidence, which landed her in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship. The catalyst for change was the birth of her daughter. She realized that she could no longer live this way because someone now looks up to her as a role model. Thanks to supportive people, she broke the shackles of her insecurities and moved onto to advanced studies in chiropractic medicine. Equipped with knowledge on this alternative science of healing, Brook helps transforms lives.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Brook triumphed over cerebral palsy and used her limitations to forge a successful career in health care.
  • Why it is crucial to lean into strong people who can offer inspiration during dark moments in life.
  • The importance of seeking help and quashing the stigma of therapy as it can do wonders for those with broken bodies and spirits.
  • The value of looking back because tough situations and setbacks serve as the inspiration to find amazing opportunities and do great things.
  • Why people need to be careful about what goes on in their minds because these thoughts become action.
  • How to figure things out instead of giving up so people can realize their vision and change the world.

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