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Rising to the Top with Kosi Stobbs

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Kosi Stobbs shares his knowledge on how to boost your growth personally and professionally. He is the CEO of Specific Mechanical Systems, Director of Property of Owl Group of Companies, and the author of the book, “F$CK BROKE: Let’s Get Rich.”

Kosi’s experiences have been instrumental in shaping his mentality and guiding principles. As a teenager, he worked at a Burger King to support his college studies. He graduated at the age of 22, where he also bought his first property. He now has a portfolio of businesses and real estate valued at over $50,000,000. He dreams of inspiring troubled youth to seek the right path.

Show Notes:
In this episode, we talk about:
His struggles of having dyslexia
How hard work, determination, and confidence helped him achieve his goals
What keeps him busy during these times
His 15-year journey from working at Burger King to buying companies
Why some businesses get sold
Valuable tips for new entrepreneurs

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