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Rising to the Top with Joe Vargas

If you want to build a fail-proof business that can support the type of lifestyle you want to live, you need to have that inner-drive and passion to help you achieve your dreams.

Joe Vargas is a former Las Vegas nightlife executive and blogger who had a lot of success in the field and worked with a lot of A-list celebrities. Nowadays, Joe is a busy Founder and CEO of multiple companies, including BuyLegalMeds.com, Space Monkey, and Cloud N9ne CBD Brand.

Joe is also the owner of CBDOil.com and has been a leader and pioneer in the CBD industry since it’s legal conception in the US in January 2015.

Joe joins me on this episode of the What Are You Made Of? podcast to talk about how he built his empire, what it takes to get ahead and how he has risen to the top of the CBD oil industry.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Joe went from having virtually nothing to where he is today
  • Why it’s important for young people to focus on things that will help them to build a future
  • How you can leverage the unexpected (such as COVID-19) and continue to bring your audience real value
  • The difference between CBD and marijuana
  • How Joe got into the Las Vegas and nightlife scene
  • How Joe built his business
  • Why traditional mentorship isn’t for everyone

To find out more about Joe and his businesses, you can follow him on Instagram @hustler.

You can also learn more about his companies over on the company websites including CBDOil.com and BuyLegalMeds.com.

Watch the video of our interview:

Rising to the Top with Joe Vargas

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