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Revolutionizing Productivity Through Gaining Freedom with Mike Szczesniak

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In this session, we are joined by Mike Szczesniak, the world’s leading high performance coach for Millennial Executives and Entrepreneurs. Coming from an engineering and app development background, he is now on a full-time mission to help entrepreneurs and sales pros scale their businesses faster with greater impact. Mike is the CEO and Head Coach of his company, The Results Engine, a nationally-recognized performance and productivity accelerator designed for purpose driven and impact-seeking sales professionals.

Show notes:

In this episode, we talked about:

How he resisted the coaching industry for three years
How he struggled with anxiety and panic attacks which influenced his skewed view of “productivity”
How he was often frustrated in life because of being a high-achiever with massive goals
How he liberated himself from his five-year corporate life and how he used his experience to gain the freedom he has now
How helps people and businesses hack their fear and live their dreams

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