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Relentlessly Chasing Success with Jarrod Glandt

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Imagine making six figures at 20 years old.

Imagine losing it all.

Now imagine working your way back up in life to become President of Cardone Enterprises, better and stronger than ever.

It sounds straight out of Hollywood but it’s the life Jarrod Glandt is living every day. Jarrod has been on a journey with many twists and turns, but it’s brought him to a place of enormous success and achievement. He’s a real estate investment guru, a key part of Cardone Enterprises, and a source of inspiration for many people. He’s also my guest in this episode of the What Are You Made Of? Podcast.

Together, we talk about his journey so far, what he’s learned from working so closely with Grant Cardone, how he stays focused, and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Find out about:

  • How Jarrod went from making six figures at 20 years old to nothing – and then turned his life around
  • How relentlessly pursuing his goals landed him a job with Grant Cardone
  • Why hard work always beats ability
  • What the non-negotiables of business and life are
  • How to grow a business without losing the culture
  • What motivates Jarrod to keep grinding

Find Jarrod on Instagram and Twitter or listen to his Young Hustlers podcast! If you want to know more about Jarrod’s work with Cardone Enterprises, start by checking out the 10x Growth Conference and the 10x Business Boot Camp, then take a look at the Grant Cardone website for more.

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The What Are You Made Of? podcast is sponsored by Nations Lending, a mortgage company dedicated to helping families achieve their dream of home ownership.

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