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Reinventing Yourself Beyond Survivorship with Pat King

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Pat King is one of my oldest friends and he’s got one of the most moving and powerful stories I’ve ever heard.

Going from living as a full-time carer for his mother and dropping out of high school to starting and selling multiple businesses and starting a lifelong journey of self-realization, Pat has experienced more in his life than pretty much anyone I know.

Pat’s lived through everything this crazy world has thrown at him, and he’s taken it all and come out the other side as a better man.

It was a total blessing to be joined by Pat for this episode of What Are You Made Of? and talk recovery, reinvention, and realizing who you want to be.

In this episode, find out about:

  • How Pat went from dropout to dream life, and the surprising similarities between both experiences
  • Why Pat had to tear down everything he’d built to become the person he wanted to be
  • What to do when you know you’re not okay… and how to act on it
  • Finding your purpose and learning to stop chasing the next big thing
  • Why we’re all in recovery from something

If you want more of Pat and, after listening to this episode, who wouldn’t? Find Pat on his website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He’s good everywhere, but Facebook is my favorite for him.

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