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Progressive Mindsets with Andy Audate

Progressive Mindsets with Andy Audate

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Since Andy Audate learned to never rest on his laurels, he’s not looked back.

From growing up in Central Falls, Rhode Island – the smallest city in America’s smallest state – to living as a successful coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Andy has stuffed a lifetime of experience into just 24 years… This boy’s blowing up!

Andy’s got an infectious mentality, what he calls a ‘progressive mindset’, and it’s helped him go from college dropout to business and lifestyle guru.

Want to know he did it? How he climbed from small-town, small-ideas culture to the relentless potential he embodies now? I was dying to hear it, so I invited him on What Are You Made Of?

Now you can hear 45 minutes of non-stop energy and inspiration, straight from Andy Audate himself.

In this episode, find out about:

  • How Andy went from selling mobiles in Central Falls to having a phone book filled with billionaires in Los Angeles
  • Why succeeding early on was the best and worst thing that happened to Andy
  • What is driving Andy to have no more days off
  • Why Andy didn’t fit in at high school
  • The one change that helped Andy increase his prices by 1672% in one day

Reach out to Andy on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn. You want to cop this awesome deal on Andy’s book, No More Average and tickets to Progression Conference, as we discuss in this episode.

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