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Overcoming Addiction: A Transformation Story with Corey Berrier

Corey Berrier is a Certified Sales Coach who went from living a life fuelled by addiction to climbing to the top of his industry’s leader board. The road to recovery was long and difficult, but Corey learned how to reflect on his past and grow from it.

He often says that yesterday was his Preface and today is his story, which I think is a powerful mindset to have, especially if you’re someone who is trying to overcome addiction and turn your life around.

On this episode of the What Are You Made Of? podcast, Corey shares his transformational story with us and reveals how you can get better at sales, control your reactionary responses, and build self-confidence.

Listen in to find out:

  • How Corey overcame addiction and changed his life forever
  • Why you need to reflect on what you did wrong in the past and grow from it
  • How to gain control of your reactionary responses
  • How Corey got into coaching
  • The benefits of coaching and how it has helped Corey get to where he is today
  • The key to getting better at sales
  • Why Corey decided to start the ‘Successful Life Podcast
  • The best way to get guests on your podcast
  • How to build trust and confidence in yourself

You can learn more about Corey over on his website and follow him on Instagram @coreyberrier

Listen to Corey’s show, theSuccessful Life Podcast

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