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Mike ‘C-Roc’ Ciorrocco on the New Construction Marketing Podcast

Have you ever found yourself in a selling slump?

Or, maybe you’re starting to feel like the culture just isn’t right in your place of work?

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on the New Construction Marketing Podcast with Anya Chrisanthon to share my experience on dealing with both those topics and many more.

You know that I want to make people the best that they can be, not just in my personal life, but in my working life too. I’ve had to jump over many hurdles when working for other people and creating my own business and that’s helped me become a better person. The mistakes I’ve made are all life lessons that I want to share with you all, so that we can all grow together.

I’ve gone through patches where I’ve struggled with sales and I’ve had to work harder than ever to make sure that the culture is right in my business, and to get my employees to buy into it too. The nature of sales is that there are so many ups and down that you might as well be riding a roller coaster. It’s easy to blame yourself and even start questioning your own ability, but let me tell you this – you can push through it and I am here to show you how.

Remember, everything that you go through is a training session for your future. The only thing that’s final is death and nothing else can stop you. In this episode, I’m here to show you that, whatever’s going on in your life is another chance to make you a stronger person.

Find out about:

  • What lit the fire underneath me to inspire others
  • How to get back on track when you’re struggling with sales
  • Stories from my past that have helped me break through barriers
  • The two little people inside your head
  • The best way to deal with conflict
  • How do you deal with negative people in your life

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