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Get Up And Get Out Of The Bad Place You’re In with Dave Panozzo

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Dave Panozzo used to brand himself as “Dr. Have a good time”. Being an ex US Army and stationed in Germany for 2 years, he was all about partying, drinking and substance use. His turning point was when he totaled his neighbor’s car, came to an awakening and checked himself into rehab.

He also talks about the failures he’s had, the foreclosures he’s encountered with his home and how at some point he thought that everything was going down. His wife, also a realtor has been encouraging and helping him toward his 14 years of sobriety, which he has become very proud of.

In this episode, we will talk about:

Former US Army, now Arizona-based realtor, Dave Panozzo and how he rose from being into alcohol and substance use to being a thriving and professional licensed realtor.

What pain is vs cheap and short term pleasures vs long term pleasures

How a goal keeps your eyes on the road and why you should remove all obstacles that keep you away from it

The right attitude of being a “sponge” through learning helps you out
How it’s ok to fall but get back on the horse as soon as you can
If I wake up, I’m alive, what’s the worse thing that can happen?

The WAYMORE model of building people

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Dave is now a professional and licensed realtor, thriving in Arizona in the home realty business. Although he admits that there has been a slight dip in their leads, he and his wife are working on making their own podcast inviting power couples to be their guest and continue to inspire people who were once where he was. They work with a young team whom they have been inspiring and molding to follow their footsteps in the real estate business.

Dave, his wife and their team are all on Instagram, Facebook, Linked and YouTube, @thepanozzoteam.


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