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How to Sustain Success with Joe Semaan

The ‘most modern sales expert in the world’, Joe Semaan, joins me on this episode of What Are You Made Of?

Joe has dedicated his career to understanding human performance in the business and sales world. The new economy is fast approaching and most of what you’ve learned from the generations of managers and mentors before you, may not be as valuable or relevant as before.

So, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to shrug and accept that you’re headed for a downwards slope? Or, are you going to accelerate your learning and adapt new skills so that no matter how the economy changes, you’ve made yourself indispensable?

Joe and I dig into the tough reality that experience is the slowest way to learn. If you want to sustain your success, you’ve got to accelerate your speed of learning, paint your vision for others, and stop allowing yourself to be a prisoner to those around you and/or your circumstances.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The journey that lead Joe to develop a passion for sales
  • The power that lies with being transparent about your weaknesses
  • Why team culture is so important
  • The importance of not allowing yourself to be a prisoner to those around you and/or your circumstances
  • How to sustain success in a changing economy
  • The problem with not learning fast enough and why we need to embrace accelerated learning
  • How to ‘paint the finished picture’ for others
  • How to become someone with so much value that you become indispensable

Do you want to lean how you can double, or triple productions? Reach out to Joe via Instagram (@joecoach) or head over to his website to learn more.

Watch the video of our interview:

How to Sustain Success with Joe Semaan

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