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How to Speak with Confidence in ANY Situation with Lucas Mattiello

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional speaker, a salesperson, or you’re still trying to figure it out, learning how to speak with confidence in any situation is a vital skill worth pursuing.

Lucas Mattiello is an official TEDx Speaking Coach and the Founder of Level Up Living, where he helps entrepreneurial business leaders become confident communicators.

Lucas struggled with panic disorders for 15 years, until he finally decided to do something about it. On this episode of What Are You Made Of? Lucas shares his personal story and reveals how he learned to speak with confidence in any situation.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lucas talks about his struggles with panic disorders and why it took him 15 years to do something about it
  • How Lucas hid his fears and anxieties in the past
  • What made Lucas finally seek help for his panic disorder
  • How Lucas started his business
  • Tips to help you improve your communication skills
  • The importance of being open and sharing your story with others
  • Lucas talks about his experience coaching speakers for TEDx
  • The first steps to help you gain more public speaking experience

To find out more about Lucas and how he can help you improve your speaking and communication skills, check out his website levelupliving.com

You can also connect with Lucas on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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