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How to Scale-Up Your Business with Nick Bradley

Are you ready to scale up your business and live on YOUR terms?

Nick Bradley is a world-renowned business scale-up specialist and the host of the “Scale Up Your Business” podcast, which is currently ranked #1 in the UK business charts on iTunes and Spotify.

Nick works with entrepreneurs and investors and helps them unlock their full potential. Known for his genuine motivation to help people succeed, Nick is one of the most respected people in the coaching industry. Over the last decade, he has helped grow and scale 22 businesses that have sold for a combined value of over £3 billion pounds.

However, there is more to Nick’s story than all of his shining success. On this episode of What Are You Made Of?, Nick shares his transformational story of growth, how he started to make a living pursuing his passion, how to get more podcast listeners, tips for scaling your business, and so much more.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Nick turned his life around and found his true purpose
  • How Nick kept his passion alive long after ‘the curtain closed’ at different events he attended
  • How long it took Nick to make a living doing what he loves
  • How to scale-up your business and get more podcast listeners
  • The four key principles of success
  • How to be a great leader and get out of your own way
  • The importance of acquisition, building teams, culture, and metrics
  • How to make scaling your business predictable
  • Why you should view your mindset as a muscle that can be trained

Listen to Nick’s podcast – Scale Up Your Business – on iTunes.

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If you’d like to connect with Nick directly, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn or visit his website nickcbradley.com

Watch the video:

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