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How to Rise Above Setbacks and Scale Businesses Further with Sean Callagy

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Sean Callagy is a Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder at Unblinded. He is also a successful attorney, entrepreneur, speaker, business and corporate coach, and the owner and President of Callagy Law, a 100-person law firm headquartered in Paramus, NJ. Callagy Law has recovered over areas of medical revenue recovery, PIP, and commercial litigation. Sean has hit a lot of highs in his 23 years of working for himself.

These days, he inspires other entrepreneurs to unleash their gifts through his integrity-based sales training and accomplished these things as his eyesight progressively deteriorated to the point where he’s now legally blind. His website, unblindedhuddle.com offers a free weekday dose of Callagy’s signature Integrity-Based Human Influence training, which he’d been percolating since 2000. Sean emphasizes that if anyone’s interested to go and accelerate their sales and accelerate the quantity and quality of meetings in a way to make them feel full of integrity, he’d be happy to help.

In this episode, we talked about:

-How his family and loved ones impacted his life by instilling meaningful life-long lessons
-People with ordinary intelligence can create extraordinary outcomes
-How he looked up to Muhammad Ali when he was young
-How his health challenge (eye problems) affected his journey as a professional baseball player.
-How he eventually decided to go to law school and built his law firm where he also excelled
-How he learned how to control his fear, and dealt with his setbacks through hard work and consistency
-How we can uplift others via people-building and business-scaling
-People stay in a company because of three reasons—to grow (1) personally (2) financially and (3) professionally
-How he successfully balanced his career and family life
– The book entitled “Trillion Dollar Coach” written by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle
-The perspective that anything’s possible

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