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How To Craft The Perfect Pitch with "The Pitchfreak!" - Antonio White

Are you having a hard time crafting a pitch that converts into sales?

If so, I’ve got great news for you. My guest on this episode of What Are You Made Of? is none other than the Pitchfreak! Antonio White, the CEO of Pitchfreaks, Inc., a San Francisco high-performance sales coaching firm where Antonio helps business owners increase sales by ‘flipping their script.’

Pitchfreak! Antonio White takes his 25 years of professional marketing experience and delivers mind-blowing, simple solutions to complex marketing challenges. He is also a valuable member of my private WAYMO coaching program and has become a very good friend of mine.

Antonio has a remarkable story about silencing excuses and gaining huge results. I’m excited to have him join me on the show, where we talk about his WAYMO story, his business, and how you can craft the perfect pitch to help you increase profits and engagement in all sales channels.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Antonio’s WAYMO story that sparked his business, Pitchfreak!
  • Why it’s important to set ambitious goals
  • The value of finding good mentorship and accountability
  • How (and why) Antonio built Pitchfreaks!
  • The purpose of a good pitch
  • Why you should think of your pitch as the introduction to your sales process
  • Top tips to help you craft the perfect pitch
  • Why you should practice what you preach
  • The two reasons why people don’t buy from you
  • How to remove the obstacles getting in the way of achieving your goals

Want to learn more about Pitchfreaks!?

Check out the Pitchfreaks! website for more and pick up the Pitchfreak! Antonio White’s amazing book, ‘Close With Your Open’. You can also join the Pitchfreaks Facebook Community and follow Antonio on Instagram and Twitter.

Are you ready to find out what you’re made of? Check out the WAYMO Blueprint, the only tool you need to help you discover what you’re made of.

Watch the video of our interview:

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