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How to 10x Sales with Jeff Bounds

If you have a business, you’re in the business of selling. So, how can you 10x your sales?

Jeff Bounds has 25 years of extensive experience in sales, marketing, and training in the automotive and software industries with senior leadership roles at companies like Dominion Dealer Solutions, InteractiveTel, Inc., and CallRevu.

He has built multiple e-commerce divisions and marketing plans from the ground up, including a nationwide sales and training partnership with Nissan North America. Currently, Jeff is Head of the Automotive Platform for Grant Cardone and has developed an industry-first multi-level training platform.

Jeff is my special guest on this episode of the podcast, and we get into everything from his past, how he learned to become better at sales, and what you can do to 10x your life and your business.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Jeff’s mindset has changed since he started working for Grant Cardone
  • The difference between motivation and inspiration
  • The biggest obstacles Jeff had to overcome throughout his journey
  • How Grant Cardone helped to catapult Jeff’s career
  • How to close sales more effectively
  • How the art of selling cars has evolved and the effect that COVID-19 has had on the industry
  • The importance of learning how to understand and engage with people

If you want to get in touch with Jeff, you can reach out to him with an email at jeff@grantcardone.com or follow him on Instagram and Twitter (@jeffbounds)

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