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How Motivation And Emotional Experiences Shape Us With Dr. Michael Lukens And Holly Nelson

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Dr. Lukens is a retired clinical psychologist and a pioneer in the area of human motivation. He served as both the clinical director and a consultant to fortune 500 companies and authored numerous book and journal articles about the theory and practice of psychotherapy, primarily on his theory of motivation which can be found in his book titled, “The Physics of Emotion(ing): A Constructivist’s Understanding of the Motivational Forces Governing Volitional Behavior”.

Holly Nelson is a Behavioral Scientist, experienced brand development specialist, and life coach. Together with Dr. Lukens, they developed the TruthMap, an emotional wellness solution that helps people understand themselves and improve their mental health through online emotional wellness groups, 1:1 life coaching, and digital services like webinars, and apps.

  • The stories we tell ourselves when we’re winning or losing and how we confuse that with reality
  • The “Fuck It Bucket” where we pour in our grief and losses as well as self-esteem damaging experiences
  • Why we hold things against ourselves and how to overcome that
  • How Dr. Lukens and Holly joined forces to build the TruthMap brand and help users identify their blind spots, honestly examine themselves, and navigate their lives in a healthier way
  • How their theory and practice differ from any other existing psychological approaches

Connect with TruthMap through the channels below to get to know them and their mission more:

Website: https://truthmap.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truthmap/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/thetruthmap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/truthmap
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasuCHzqcQKQo52uUlwW-6Q

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