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Growing 1% Every Day with Mallisa Jackson

Growing 1% Every Day with Mallisa Jackson

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Working four jobs to get through college and starting your own business at just 23 is the kind of story What Are You Made Of? is all about.

Fighting for your life and coming back stronger than ever – that’s what Mallisa Jackson is made of.

Speaking with Mallisa on this episode of What Are You Made Of? blew me away. I know her story and how remarkable it is but, every time I hear it, it hits me again just how incredible she is.

Mallisa Jackson hasn’t just made her own luck in life, she’s also fought every bit of bad luck that’s been thrown her way…and won. She is a force of nature, but she’ll be the first to tell you that there isn’t a silver bullet for doing it all.

Mallisa just works to be 1% better every day. And it’s this philosophy that’s brought her all the success she’s enjoying today.

When I ask people what they’re made of, I always get a good answer.

When I asked Mallisa, I got a great answer.

Find out about:

  • How Mallisa has been making her own luck since she was a kid
  • How an amazing fighting spirit and focus on incremental growth helped her
  • What incremental changes and a 1% mentality can do to change your life
  • Why developing habits is the foundation of success
  • What to do when adversity strikes
  • Whether it’s better to read lots of books or really focus on just a few

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Mallisa has also given What Are You Made Of? listeners exclusive access to her book, 3 Habits for Radical Success. Just follow this link to get your copy and start your journey to a more successful life.

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