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How do you keep your team pushing for the same goals?

It’s a question I’m always asking myself and always trying to build on, as it’s the foundation of my success at Nations Lending.

There aren’t many people who have a better idea of what it takes to build a team and grow a business than Paul Maskill. As one of the best business coaches in the nation, Paul has helped so many small business owners grow their businesses intelligently and build a better life in doing so.

This interview with me first featured on Paul’s show, The Business Owner’s Freedom Formula Show. I’m all about doing things that make you uncomfortable, so I was happy to switch roles with Paul and do more of the talking this time around!

We talked about so many useful, interesting ideas, it’s hard to summarize them all in these show notes. You’re going to get so much value from this episode, I guarantee it.

Grinding, Culture, and Self-Reflection with Paul Maskill

Find out about:

  • Our ideal view of ultimate freedom
  • How to recover and rebound from hard times
  • What it looked like to grind through the early days
  • How to build a culture in your team, based on gratitude, accountability, goals and vision, and genuine employee benefits
  • How to use your experiences to grow yourself
  • Different ways you can stay focused on your goals

You can contact Paul on his website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You should also check out his awesome podcast, The Business Owner’s Freedom Formula Show.

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