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Great Things Don’t Come Easy with Simeon Ivanov

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Simeon Ivanov prefers to associate himself with dreams rather than achievement because he believes that achievements are a thing of the past and dreams are what gets you to move forward. He is a world renowned race car driver who has raced with Formula Renault and The South East Europe race, considered as the springboard to Formula 1 race. He has also ventured into the medical equipment business with his brother and aimed to supply to all 150 hospitals in the state. Currently, he is based in L.A, and the Bestselling Author of 0.1%, Top 100 Podcast Host and Founder of United States of Zen.

In this episode, we talked about:
Dreams and goals over achievement
His life in Bulgaria and how he got started with car racing
Feeling like he was a disappointment to his parents
Failing multiple times in different car races
Being the champion racer he is now in a matter of 5 years, and thinking that he was invincible, but he really isn’t.
How failing at the World Cup brought him to his senses that he needed to be better
Being “in the zone” vs being in your conscious state of being
Starting a business with his brother in the medical equipment industry
How it took them 5 years to pay all the debt they were into
His mental and physical breakdown and how he recovered from it.

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