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Gratitude Every Day with Carolyn Flower

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Carolyn Flower is a force of nature. She’s a bestselling author, she helps people across the world tell their stories, she puts out so much positivity into the world it’s unbelievable.

She’s the perfect guest for What Are You Made Of? with Mike C-Roc.

Carolyn is one of the brightest names in literary PR and publishing and has dedicated her career to helping people tell their stories, sharing what they’re made of with the world and creating exponential change.

But Carolyn’s story is one that deserves to be heard more. Bringing her on the WAYMO podcast wasn’t just about hearing her advice and guidance, it was about giving her story the attention it deserves.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Carolyn helps others tell their stories
  • Carolyn’s family life and the incredible lessons she learned from it
  • How Carolyn works every day to maintain her hero’s legacy
  • Why people limit themselves and how they can unlearn those harmful habits
  • How everyone has the power to create exponential change
  • What it looks like to work with a publishing team and how they make your book come to life

I know you’re going to want to hear more from Carolyn by the end of this episode, so I recommend you head to her website to learn more. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. But above all else, I want you to go and get Carolyn’s INCREDIBLE book, Gravitate 2 Gratitude.

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