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Getting Back Up & Learning the Rules of the Game with Hernan Sias

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Hernan Sias is a Business Owner, Accountant, Real Estate Agent, Tax Professional, Insurance Agent, and Investor. Aside from entrepreneurship and his other ventures, he teaches Financial Algebra to High School students. He equips them with real life financial skills like balancing a checkbook, how to write tax returns, auto insurances, and more. His motivation as a math teacher stems from not being able to learn these things when he was young and starting out as an entrepreneur.

Hernan also hosts the Business Bros Podcast with his brother, to help other like-minded individuals create wealth through adding insurance in their businesses and taking charge of branding and marketing through podcasting.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How meeting other people through podcasting is one of Hernan’s most favorite things to do
  • How he originally asked his wife to be his co-host
  • How he teaches financial algebra to high school students
  • How he makes his students journal every day as part of his class
  • How everything sucks when you’re just beginning
  • How he bought his first house and started his first business at 20 years old
  • How he enrolled in tax school after filing bankruptcy for their business
  • How he went back to school and earned his degree in Accounting
  • How he got his insurance license and how doors opened when he started learning
  • How delegation is important in leadership and when building and scaling a business

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