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Why do we doubt our abilities? 

What is it that causes us to settle?  Why is there a voice in our heads telling us we are unable to the do the things that need to be done or that we lack the tools to accomplish something?

Have you ever looked at someone successful or famous and thought to yourself:

Lucky them, I can’t imagine myself doing that!

What puts those thoughts in our minds?

I don’t care who you are – everyone has them. However, not everyone listens to them. Those are the individuals that go further and succeed at meeting their full potential.

There is also a voice that puts out messages that say, “I can do that. I am awesome. I got this.” The problem is the “I can’t” voice is stronger and harder to silence. It has been ingrained in most people all of their lives. All the while, the positive voice has been quieted or taught to be ignored. The “I can” voice can barely be heard and is left untrained, under nourished and in the dark.

Since we were kids, the majority of us have had notions fed into us from our elders and those around us. Ideology meant to conform us or to keep us “normal” like everyone else. We are encouraged not to stand out. We guard or protect ourselves so we will not end up disappointed.

Over and over again we are fed this message, all the while our positive voice gets faded out. If things are kept that way, we lead a unfulfilled mediocre existence.

Not only does this not advance us, it keeps us from helping others and taking care of those that rely on us.

Until the moment comes where you have had enough and you start to train your positive voice. That is the moment where you can starve out the limitations in your mind and feed your positive man. You will start seeing results but still the negative man will try to speak up. Remember, he is strong from all of the years that he’s been fed and trained.

You have to keep pushing him down and starving him all while you are feeding and exercising the one that is going to change your course for the better. All you have to do is get just a little momentum and the game changes.

Here are the ways to give your positive voice some life.


Eliminate all feeders of your negative man and limiting factors.  Sometimes this means those that are close to you, family, friends, coworkers, etc.  If they aren’t for what you have the potential for, then they are against you.


Find books and videos to immerse yourself in that feed you with positive and inspiring info.  Things that remind you of who made you and the potential that is inside of you.


Write down where you want to go and what you want to accomplish in a perfect world.  If you could have it exactly how you would want it.  Be extremely clear and specific with this.  And make sure it is gigantic.


Execute and attack your goal every day.  Refuse to quit no matter how hard it gets or how long it seems to be taking.  Sometimes things take longer than you would like.  That’s ok.  Just understand that if you don’t quit, you will always get closer to your potential than if you never tried or if you quit.

I’d love to hear from you!
What drives you?
What goals are you claiming?
What changes are you making or will you make?

Your Boy,
C-Roc 👊🏽😎