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Chris Donaldson is the host of the Office Hours podcast. Chris and I go way back, and he’s always been a huge inspiration for me. I mean, this is a man who looked Hurricane Katrina right in the eye and said, “No way, not today!”

He refused to let a natural disaster stop him from achieving his dreams. Believe it or not, it’s thanks to Hurricane Katrina that Chris discovered his life’s purpose. When disaster strikes, such as natural disasters or global pandemics like the coronavirus (COVID-19), you have a choice to make.

Are you going to fight? Or, are you going to sit back, stop taking action, and let the chips fall where they may?

In this episode, Chris and I dig into some of the hardships and setbacks he faced in his own life, how he got through them and how he managed a business in the middle of a crisis.

In this episode:

  • How Hurricane Katrina sparked a change in Chris and gave his life meaning
  • How Chris managed a company in crisis
  • The importance of seizing opportunities
  • How to provide clients with what they need most in difficult times – certainty
  • How to nurture relationships with clients and potential prospects in the middle of a crisis
  • A look at one of the biggest challenges that Chris faces right now
  • How to build a culture remotely

To connect with Chris, head over to his website and listen to his podcast, Office Hours.

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