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☝️We are all born with greatness in us.  The problem is, in order to bring it out we have to work.  We have to train.  

Now everyone trains.  Let me say that again.  EVERYONE trains.  

Most people, however, train on the wrong things.  Whether they realize it or not.  They train on negativeness and/or limitations.  They are on social media and read negative posts or comments.  They are at work and the person next to them makes a negative comment about the weather, the economy, or their job. Or, their friends or relatives make comments like:

Be happy with what you have!

Why are you working so hard?

Money doesn’t make you happy!

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These are limiting comments.  Most people are getting training on these things.  All of those comments are like little training sessions on negatives and limitations.  

The average person reads less than a book a year.
Is that absurd or what?  There is so much great information in books.  Information that, by reading it, can make you an expert in any particular topic.  

Greatness can be obtained by systematically working towards it.  Having an intentional action plan of making it happen.  Earning it through the right kind of work and training.  Really being intentional and focusing on filtering out what goes into our brains.  I can’t stress this enough.  If people only knew how dangerous it is to not filter the info that goes into your brain.  

If you need any help with this or would like to talk more, reach out to me.  I am on a mission to pull as much greatness out of people as possible.

Your Boy,
C-Roc 👊🏽😎

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