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Driven By Passion with Brian Dalmaso

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Brian Dalmaso came from a single family home. His mom was a waitress, so they struggled to get by. Fortunately, he worked hard in school and got into a technical high school that paved a path for him to excel in engineering. At 20 years old, he was employed in the General Electric company. He thought life was going well for him, but the company suddenly collapsed and declared bankruptcy overnight. At that time, his first wife left him, leaving him feeling stressed over what to do with his young daughter. He had no choice but to hustle hard to make ends meet. Thankfully, he was able to read a life-changing book and attend a marketing seminar that opened up his eyes to the world of entrepreneurship. He also learned the concept that you become what you think. Fueled by these realizations, he carved out his path but struggled in the beginning. Later, Brian realized he was driven only by money. When he shifted gears and felt his fire burning because of passion, he achieved greater things. Through perseverance, hard work, and determination, he built a successful multi-million dollar business in construction, coaching, CRM software, and consulting. He taught his daughter the secrets to success, so now at 24, she herself is a millionaire. Tune in to the full podcast to feel inspired to achieve excellence.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How problems in the relationship can take away your focus on what you are trying to do.
  • Why you need to communicate the goal properly to your partner so that you can understand and help support each other.
  • What happens when things in your life drastically change overnight, like losing a career in a solid company because it closed abruptly
  • How great relationships can make for an amazing life that makes you feel fulfilled and happy.
  • How he took his construction company from a million to ten million in a year by shifting his mindset.
  • Why you need a sense of urgency so you can accomplish whatever you do with your limited time on earth.
  • How regret is a huge waste of time and is merely low vibration energy that only holds you back.
  • What steps Dalmaso took and the attitude he imbibed to ensure that his various plans come to fruition.
  • How a different lens can make a whole world of difference when you explain things to people because it can bridge a lot of gaps.
  • How people become what they think so be careful with the dominant thought that pervades your mind.
  • Who is a real mastermind and how this person comes to you not to get from your life but to give you something that will enrich your life?

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBKQXKYAO7o32QoXJuuA3zA
Website: https://www.matrixsuccessnetwork.com/

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