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Dominating your Future with Keezia Leigh

Keezia Leigh is a ‘Business Magic Alchemist’ who guides women to unlock their true potential and blow up their businesses online. Keezia is a brand amplifier and she’s on a mission to unlock 100 million self-expressed women through her coaching and mastermind programs.

Keezia hasn’t always had it easy though and joins the What Are You Made Of? podcast to talk about her story, from losing her mom at sea, starting her own hairstylist business, selling it, and following her soul’s purpose.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Keezia’s inspiring WAYMO story from losing her mum at sea to launching (and selling) her $1 million business
  • Keezia’s turning point and the moment she gave up binge drinking
  • The importance of growing your mind and finding fulfillment
  • Why you need to remove people from your life who are getting in the way of your success
  • The power of collaboration
  • How men and women see ‘the push’ differently

Follow Keezia on Instagram @keezialeigh and Facebook to learn more about her and her coaching. You can also find out more about her current events, masterminds, and so on, here.

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