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Stop. Think.

Do you have clarity on what you want out of life?  Successful career, family, social life? Are you where you want to be physically, mentally, and spiritually?

If not, reflect on what you are you doing day to day. Are you just waking up and dealing with whatever comes  your way?  How does that feel?  Does it give you anxiety?  Feelings of depression?  Lack of worth?  Do you feel lost and uncertain of the direction you are heading?

Let me help you.

I want you to think about this scenario: Imagine complete clarity. 

What kind of life do you want? What physical shape do you want to be in? What does your family life look like in this ideal vision?  What kind of friends do you have?  What does your bank account and investments look like? Do you excel in your career and have a sense of  accomplishment? What about your spirituality, do you have faith in something bigger than yourself? How do you want to feel mentally, strong and prepared to take on the difficult days or unable to handle situations that aren’t in your favor?

Now, write the answers to these questions down in a notebook or journal as if you already have them.  For example:

  • I have an abundant life full of happiness and laughter. 
  • I am active and workout 5 days a week and am in the best shape of my life. 
  • I have a loving and healthy family. 
  • I love my job and am at the top of my profession.

Clarity is Power.

The level of power in doing this is beyond our understanding.   However, clarity is what creates a target for which to aim.  Without a target, of course, you are going to feel those aforementioned feelings.

This is the secret to getting and having what you want in life!  This is making a declaration, a commitment to what you want.  It provides direction.  Once you do this, every thought, action, and emotion starts to go towards what you write down.  What you have committed to.  You will see doors open and opportunities appear in front of you like you’ve never seen.  Obstacles will be less prevalent and you WILL be able to overcome them when they do appear.

Image courtesy of MeditationLongIsland.org

It works.

It really isn’t rocket science.   It works.  Now, all you have to do is commit to doing it.  Put your foot down and be done with living a reactionary life; a mediocre and anxious way of living. 

I am bringing this to you from my experience and observation of others doing so and the success it has brought into my life. 

Here’s to clarity!

Your Boy,
C-Roc 👊🏽😎