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Changing Your Mindset and Discovering Your Greatest Potentials with Pam Christian

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Pam Christian is a motivational speaker, mindset coach, and host of The Juice podcast, where she features in-depth conversations with thought leaders across a range of industries. Pam’s work encompasses helping her clients transform their lives by eliminating self-created barriers, maximizing their full potential, and dramatically increasing their effectiveness at both personal and professional levels. Prior to coaching, Pam is a real estate hustler where she was ranked among the 100 Most Influential Realtors in New Jersey and earned the most prestigious awards in the industry including Circle of Excellence – Platinum Level and Real Trends Top Realtors. Pam is a social media influencer whose mission is to help heal humanity by inspiring and motivating others to live their best lives.

In this episode, we talked about:

-How macro and micro experiences in her life helped mold into the person that she is today
-How she navigated her career in real estate coaching, business coaching, and ultimately, mindset coaching
-How being conscious with our behavior and thoughts can help impact our lives in a more productive way
-Her thoughts about self-love and self-power
-How important communication is in any relationship
-Her upcoming book entitled “Hope You’re Having A Great Day, I Know I Am”, as well as her “The Juice” podcast
-How small actions result in a snowball effect—we could be happier by lifting each other up

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Pam Christian ⬇️

Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker


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