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Building People Before Income with Cody Kerns

Building People Before Income with Cody Kerns

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This guy has been helping over 3,000 businesses blow up over the last four years as CEO of iComeUp Marketing. This is a guy who has bagged $6m in sales, invests and works with Cardone Enterprises, and is living his dream in Miami, FL.

I’ve been working with Cody recently and, man, his drive and energy is just infectious.

It was so energizing to be interviewed by him and to have the opportunity to share my story with him and his audience.

We talked about everything from my story and what I’m building with the What Are You Made Of? movement, to how Cody has learned to maximize social for his clients and how hard he’s worked to make it to where he is now.

Find out about:

  • How WAYMO started
  • What it took for Cody and I got to where we are today
  • Why we find energy and happiness from helping others, not transactional relationships
  • Why empathy will 10x your business and life
  • What my daily goals look like and how I’m manifesting them into my reality
  • How you can use social media to make your business blow up

Get at Cody on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and his website. There’s value behind every single one of those links – make sure you make the most of it!

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