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Breaking Through Broken Mindsets with Brandon Dawson

Breaking Through Broken Mindsets with Brandon Dawson

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Have you ever taken time to think about how your business can impact the lives of others?

One of the biggest oversights an entrepreneur can make is to be so focused on going through the motions of being in business, that they never stop to think about how the business can impact someone else. That’s the secret to marketing yourself successfully – you need to find what makes you different, identify how your business can help others and use that as your main marketing message.

So, what’s your message? I’ve always believed that everybody has a story and when I started this podcast, I began by telling a monologue of my story and sharing it with the world. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing many stories and there’s one story in particular that really connected with me and that’s Brandon Dawson’s story.

Brandon is a Serial Entrepreneur and an expert when it comes to getting real about entrepreneurship, leadership, and business-building strategies. Brandon learned about the value of hard work from a very early age and began his path of entrepreneurship by selling walnuts of all things. He founded his first company at age 28 and is dedicated to helping business owners amplify their vision and impact. He does this through belief, strategy, and team alignment.

Brandon has learned many life lessons along the way including the importance of breaking free from a broken mindset and how doing so can help you to truly succeed. Listen in as Brandon takes you along the journey of his own entrepreneurial story, sharing dozens of insightful and practical tips.

Find out about:

  • Why businesses need to focus their marketing message on how they can impact their customers’ lives
  • How to deal with people around you who are trapped in a broken mindset
  • How to break through false beliefs and amplify your personal successes
  • The best way to get people to show up for you and your business
  • Why entrepreneurs need to prepare themselves for every possible opportunity
  • Why you must align your team members goals with where you want to move the business
  • Tips for getting out of a tough spot in business or personal life
  • The value of having a podcast and how it can help build your business

If you’d like to find out more about Brandon and how he can help identify and close the gaps that prevent your business from realizing its full potential, check out his website.

You can also follow Brandon on Instagram via @brandonmdawson and listen to his weekly podcast, The B Dawson Show, where he shares expert tips on how to align teams, create financial independence and so much more.

We talked about a ton of books on this episode, including:

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