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Becoming Unboxable with Kritanya Lambert

Kritanya Lambert is a woman on a mission. After a lifetime of ups and downs, she’s found her power in telling her story and wants to spread the message of how we can all ‘unbox’ ourselves.

Her upcoming book – Unboxable – tells her story and shares the ways we can all transform our lives.

She joined me on the podcast to talk about the power of writing for healing and growth, how we can manifest our destiny and overcome our hardships, and how we can unbox ourselves to achieve greatness.

Find out about:

  • Kritanya’s remarkable story and the twists and turns its taken so far
  • Why she wants to inspire people to be ‘unboxable’
  • How writing and sharing her story has helped Kritanya to reflect, heal, and grow
  • Why journaling and writing help manifest your destiny
  • What the forces at play in the world are that place us in boxes

You can follow Kritanya, her writing journey, and her progress in her story through her personal website or Instagram. And if you want to work with Kritanya, you can check out her realtor website too.

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