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Becoming the Healthiest Version of Yourself with Jason Priest

Being the leader of your family and the best version of yourself starts with prioritizing your own health.

Above anything else, my priority is being healthy and working on my fitness. Because if I’m not well, if I’m stuck in a hospital bed somewhere because of a heart attack, then my family and business are going to suffer too.­

That’s why I was so excited to speak with Jason Priest – the founder of Dad Bod Health and the Man Up Community. Jason knows this truth better than almost anyone.

After he spent six years as an ICU nurse, saving the lives of men his age who hadn’t prioritized their health, he knew he had to do something. That experience gave Jason the drive to help 1,000,000 men hold themselves to a higher standard and become the best versions of themselves.

Jason joined me on the What Are You Made Of? podcast to talk about what it means to be accountable, why your health is your most valuable asset, why starting imperfectly is better than waiting for perfection, and how you can keep eating burgers and drinking beer whilst being healthy.

Becoming the Healthiest Version of Yourself with Jason Priest

Find out about:

  • Why accountability can make such a big difference in your health journey
  • How Jason used his fear of regret to start his business and thrive
  • Whether focusing on your health is selfish or selfless
  • Why self-acceptance shouldn’t stop you from striving to be better
  • How ignoring your health now will make things harder for you in the end
  • Why routines and consistency are the greatest safety net you can have

Find Jason on Instagram and Twitter or listen to his THE Dad Bod Pod podcast! And if you want to learn more about his health strategies, start by checking out his website.

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