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A Super Power Called “Ignorance” With Steve Sims

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Meet Steve Sims, the creator of Bluefish, an international company known for curating bucket list events for the rich and famous. However, things weren’t always easy for this coach from East London. He comes from humble beginnings, dropping out of high school at 15. He managed to turn his life around after a short stint in a high-end nightclub in Hong Kong, where he observed people and learned to communicate properly. From daily interactions with successful people, he slowly built his dream to establish his own company. He is thankful to do so at a time with no social media, as he didn’t second guess himself and remained ignorant of his fears. Thus, he bravely faced every challenge and pushed to make things happen.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How this humble doorman built a multi-million dollar company by being perversely unyielding.
  • Why success comes not from overthinking but overdoing, so don’t bow your head down in front of influencers but keep going.
  • How the lack of something can eventually become a strength if you persevere and work hard.
  • Why understanding the why matters as it can help you create a story that compels action.
  • How successful people do not fear failure and embrace mistakes because the biggest lessons and growth stem from rock bottom.
  • Why it is important to get involved with the right kind of people, as successful individuals inspire.
  • How people gravitate towards what’s achievable and why they fail to realize that they can do something magical.

Connect with Steve Sims through the channels below to get to know him and his mission more:

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevedsims/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/stevedsims
Website: https://www.stevedsims.com/

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