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3 Tips for Overcoming an Anxious Mind

Anxiety can be debilitating. It preys on your fear, making you worried and stressed over every possible worst-case scenario. Often when you’re anxious, you’ll overanalyze and fret about everything, but get nothing done. It can be demoralizing.

Let’s be clear: there are different kinds of anxiety. There’s the anxiety that pops up every now and again that we let get in the way of our potential, and then there are anxiety disorders, which are more serious and interfere with everyday life. We’re not talking about anxiety disorders. We’re talking about the anxiety that pops up on occasion that we often let stop us from progressing. In order to prevent that anxiety from knocking us around, we have to seek out the root cause.

From my experience, an anxious mind most often comes from knowing that you have something to do that you aren’t doing or haven’t done. Maybe there are tasks on your plate, but you’re putting them off or just don’t have the time to accomplish them. When this happens, things start piling up and become overwhelming. Unfortunately, at times, chaos ensues.

Another factor I’ve observed that has caused me anxiety in the past is playing small and not going after my potential because of fear. Remember, when your mind knows that you have a lot of value stored in your tank, but you’re not using it, your mind screams at you that there’s something wrong. If you want to overcome your anxieties, look at these three tried and tested tips that have personally helped me and many others out of these stressful situations.

1. Take it one step at a time.

When chaos is present, it can be overwhelming. Instead of allowing anxiety to knock you down and paralyze you, pick one thing to focus on. Amid all that mess, you can surely pinpoint one thing that you have the power to fix. It will help to let everything else go from your mind. When you start decluttering a chaotic frame of mind, you’ll notice that the things going on in your head slow down.

Consequently, this allows you to focus on the task at hand. This powerful ability is called a stable datum. It allows you to complete that one task, and from there, you can move onto the next one. It helps if you pick just one, as trying to do it all can make you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Choosing one goal ensures you stay productive. Biting off more than you can chew, on the other hand, adversely affects your productivity.

2. Switch your perspective.

If you feel overwhelmed, try switching to a different perspective. You know, when I am on an airplane, I notice the people on the ground. As the plane flies higher and higher, people get smaller and smaller. When this happens, you are given a beautiful gift, because you get to see the contrast in the size of the people and the planet.

By shifting your perspective, you begin to realize that the problems you stress over aren’t really that enormous. Perhaps, you might even realize how blessed you are compared to other people. Remember, every human being on the planet is a mere speck in this vast, mighty universe. Once you begin thinking this way, it will not be all about you, and you can free your mind from a lot of your anxiety.

3. Reach for a higher purpose.

If you want to quash your anxiety, level up and think about playing a bigger game. I know it sounds counterintuitive to go bigger when you are already filled with anxiety. You might ask, “How can I do it all when I can’t even get a grip of my current thoughts and feelings?”

I want you to remember that your mind is trying to tell you something when you feel anxious. It knows that you have way more potential than you realize. When your mind feels unsettled, it’s because it wants you to go after it. You have so much to offer this world, and when you don’t make the most of it, your inner subconscious rebels. Finding and aiming for a higher purpose will give you peace. This has worked for me for my whole life. Keep in mind: action kills anxiety.

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