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3 Things You Must Do During Hardship

Most people are predisposed to shy away from hardship. Why? Because it’s human nature to steer clear of something uncomfortable. When people face danger, their bodies have a fight or flight response, which is a normal instinct for self-preservation.

That’s why, when I speak about my Rocket Fuel concept, people always ask lots of questions. After all, embracing setbacks and converting them to Rocket Fuel to become unstoppable is not a norm but an exception. One of the most popular questions I get asked is, “What should I do during a setback?” Below, I’ve outlined three steps you must take to ensure you can propel out of adversity.

1. Acknowledgment

This first step is crucial to your success. Every situation must come with an acknowledgment. It will help if you acknowledge that you are dealing with a setback or adversity. This is important because the sooner you recognize it, the sooner you can convert it.

Unfortunately, many people are stuck in a state of depression. When bad things happen, the tendency is to wallow in misery. There is also a refusal to face issues head-on. Unfortunately, when you do that, you cannot fix the problem. Remember, you cannot change your situation and rise above your problems if you don’t identify them. Only then can you come up with a plan to conquer everything.

2. Acceptance

Too many times, when bad things happen, people deny what they are going through. They try to make excuses for what happened. Often, people play the victim card. Instead of worrying about how to solve things, they point fingers and cast blame. Don’t do that. It is indeed easier to blame other people than look at yourself and what you did wrong, but it doesn’t fix the situation.

To help you overcome your issues, immediately accept the fact that you play a role in the problem. Most things don’t merely happen to you. They often occur because you allowed them to happen. Take accountability! Above all else, shift your mindset. It would be best to focus on storing these issues in your tank for fuel rather than in your trunk where it will weigh you down. Don’t wallow in these setbacks and obstacles, but choose to rise above them by learning and growing from the experience.

3. Take Action!

Action is the answer to killing fear and doubt. Instead of staying stuck with your mind full of worries and regret, channel your energy towards something productive. When you hit rock bottom, don’t fester and stay there. Instead, figure out what you need to do to turn things around. Make a concrete plan of action so you can begin again. Start looking for solutions and opportunities amid your difficulties.

Don’t wait, as adding time will only compound your anxiety and fear and, unfortunately, delay your recovery and triumph. Always think of setbacks as your chance at rebirth, allowing you to become wiser and stronger than ever before. Obstacles are your training ground for a successful future. Do not resent the battle, but embrace it as a part of your unique journey.

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